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Our Team


I am the person, with whom you will hold the first discourse. We will discuss the concept in details in order to form a clear picture of décor and then, after heated-discussion among our specialists, we will provide you in details the whole concept of event.


She deals with all objects, made of wood, glass, ceramics, paper or leather before they start to play role in décor of an event as well as with decoration stuff, which style must be made more “shabby”.


First of all, this lady is “Figures police” in Dеcor Studio. She demands order and responsibility from us, and we with pleasure follow these rules. She also makes décor more artistically. Who, if not she makes a neat job of fabrics in décor?


She is our specialist in paper products. Her observant eyes watch over the quality of the final products. Even the most minor mistake has a small chance meet the client.


She is responsible for the harmonic process scheduling of working. All her efforts are focused on reduction of stress situation at the time of the event in order to channel our passion towards making the beautiful.

Our Team (VIDEO)

We are team of professionals, who adore their job. Our team consists of experienced decorators with a good sense of taste and style, specialists in floral décor, who always strive for the newest and modern trends, and designers, who are able to create both an individual and unique style for you. All the specialists can see things from their own perspectives. Together we develop and improve our skills faster and thankful to you, we are becoming more experienced and skilled. We are pleased to create new concepts for projects and we are ready to make progress in our job. We like to cooperate with each other and learn something new from each other. We want to make the world happy by sharing all the beauty with it.

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